Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LoafSeven?
We are a family company that started writing the software to meet the needs a single Free Methodist church in the Chicago area. The software has been in use for several years and is used weekly at a food pantry that serves 400+ people twice a week (they currently have almost 20,000 patrons in their database!).
Why do I need a license?
A license is there so you can try the software before purchasing. Every copy comes with a 10 patron limit unless a license is purchased. All features of the software are active and there is no time limit. A license applies to a server installation and can be entered from any client connected to the server. Please contact use if you enjoy the software and would like to purchase a license.
How do I install my license?
Once you have a license key, you can register it with the software by logging in the client as an admin user, and entering your license on the registration screen (Main Menu > Administration > Register).
How much does it cost?
Please contact use for a price. We are able to customize the software for each pantry and each pantry needs tends to differ. Our goal is to help people in need by helping those volunteering in the front lines.
What operating systems are supported?
LoafSeven supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 out of the box.
What printers are supported?
The software currently uses the Windows default printer. The printed tickets are targeted for a continuous roll of paper with a width of 3 1/2". Any printer that is supported by Windows should work. We have tested a DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo using Windows 7.
How do I use a barcode scanner with the software?
If you desire to use a barcode scanner, you will need to enable barcode scanning on the features screen (Main Menu > Administration > Features). Barcode scanning will only work if a barcode is associated with each patron. The barcode scanner can be used to enter the patron barcode by clicking on the barcode field and then scanning the barcode.
What barcode scanner should I use?
That is up to you. The software supports pretty much all barcode formats. Barcode scanners range in price greatly. We can provide specific models upon request.
Do I need to collect all the information for each patron?
Some of the information is required such as first and last names, addresses, city, state, zip. This information is used to uniquely identify the patron so when they return a new patron entry is not added. Other information such as the food preferences and cooking preferences can be turned on and off from the Features screen. Patron family information is not specifically required, but the total served count will be incorrect if the information is not collected.
Why do I need to add volunteers?
Volunteers are a security feature of the software. Volunteers should be added and each volunteer should login using their own name. Currently all the volunteer passwords are the same. The intent of the volunteers is to log the information of who checked in each patron. This is done to alleviate and track any potential issues with volunteers entering incorrect data.
How do I backup the database?
The database is stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The database will automatically be backed up each time the client software is run, but only once per day. The backups will be stored on the same computer as the database in the folder "C:\Database Backup". Each backup contains the entire database (including all client information) and should be secured to protect patron data. The entire database can be restored to any time from one of the backups. Please contact support if you require a database backup to be restored.
What information does LoafSeven collect?
None. We believe in the right of customers to control their own data. We do not collect any information about patrons or volunteers. We don't have any spyware or ads. If for any reason you need to send your database to support, it will be treated with the utmost respect. The data will only be used to troubleshoot your issues and then returned to you.